Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Business of Belief - Stars and Plams

for the past few years I wondered about the boom of astrology and side science business in India and evenetually in the world

When I was a kid I hardly seen my parents talk about stars or any Vastu . they had made my natal chart but thats it
Now a days every nook and corner of the world,astorlogy palmistry numerology i ching and atleast 20 related terms are dancing together and created a new world of business and social group

The consumer psycology behind any predictive science related business is one thing
" there is no harm"
It may not benifit you but if it will it adds new 10 customers.

one Vastu consultant/ feng shui consultant creates a derived demand for vastu related goods shoppe, carpenters and buliding work shop --( construction for remedial purpose), a real estate agents. an advertising agency, a religious place ...(tourism).an astrloger average price 500 Rs create additional demand for yantra , puja and religious places

I believe this is turning out to be a multi-crore industry where there is no primary or secondary research has been done on this subject.

As it is a consultative business human capital,goodwill are the only important factors.so I think it is the most profitable business better than general management consultancy where atleast you need to hire an MBA or Economist

the target group is the largest 12+ All .. Moment you get to know about zodiac you are the customer.

A direct customer, A Website viewer, A program viewer, daily horoscope reader all become targets and this creates a huge business .
Astrology related download is second biggest category for mobile VAS.
zodiac signs is saught after search after adult content.
All socio economic group celebrity, politician, businessman student guys girls try it once in a lifetime.
A bridegroom try to look in to the natal chart of the bride leaving the truth and love in her eye unnoticed.

In today's world spirtuality has no meaning but business of spirituality and personal forecast is the mantra.
I am not doubting the astrology or all side sciences which are here for the ages but the way world is going after it is a concern !!!!

Is it a begining of new society where everybody wants to see tomorrow without working for today.?????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!

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